Glass Vegas is a revolutionary Expo featuring talented functional glass artists from all over. This industry exclusive event will bring highly recognized exhibitors and buyers to Las Vegas, NV. There will be a stage featuring live entertainment and bar areas that will surely create a memorable experience. This event was created to support all the great people and businesses in this industry. We would love to invite everyone to become a part of the Glass Vegas family for our next Glass Vegas Functional Glass Trade Show. Glass Vegas is open to qualified Wholesale Buyers and Glass Artists only. Reach out to us for more details below.


An event of this magnitude should be sponsored by those looking to gain traction in the functional glass industry. Glass Vegas show floor sold out in 2023 with over 400 high-end glass artists/exhibitors and we expect thousands of buyers this year.

The Glass.Vegas show is the most spoken about glass art show in the country right now and our show floor has begun to increase in size and scope. We treat the event more like a relaxed festival with art installations and live music. It is important to note that relaxed doesn’t mean lackadaisical in b2b sales…glass artists must work for most of the year just to fulfill orders made by smoke shop buyers at our event.

Considering sponsoring Glass.Vegas is just good business!

    Platinum Partner: Limit 4, Value $12,500

    Gold Partner: Limit 3, Value $7,500

    Silver Partner: Limit 7, Value $5,500

    Bronze Partner: Limit 3, Value $2,500

    WSOG Sponsor: Limit 6, Value $2,500

    WSOG Prize Sponsor: No Limit, VALUED AT NO LESS THAN $500

    Boro Derby Sponsor: No Limit, $250

We appreciate your contribution and support, and are always open to your suggestions on how to make the show and your sponsorship work better for you. If you have special events, videos, promotional media or discounts that you would like us to advertise on our website and/or social media, please send them so we can help bring you more business, your success is our success.

Once you have decided your level of sponsorship, please send us an email to with the following: 1. Your logo in as high resolution as possible 2. Your website link 3. Your social media links and/or user names (Facebook, Instagram). Please make checks payable to: Glass Vegas, 3663 E. Sunset Rd. Suite #509, Las Vegas, NV 89120