Everyone at Glass Vegas has lost their marbles! Simply put: The opportunity of a lifetime. This “Secret Santa” game of exchange brings together marble makers from all over the country. Imagine pulling from a goodie bag of glass, an elite ball of wonder hand crafted by those beautiful souls; just like you. The excitement and cheering of the crowd as you dig deep and hold tight to see what magic you just might get to lay your yearning hands on. Last year’s game was insanely satisfying. One lucky 1st timer grabbed a ‘Paid in Full’ artist booth prize right out with his new crown jewel; courtesy of the masterfully brilliant; John Bridges. Just Amazing.

The Marble Exchange returns to Glass Vegas and the World Series of Glass line-up!! The rules are simple! If you bring a marble, you can take a marble! Marbles must be a minimum of $100 in value and a minimum of 1.5" in size. Cut off for entry is 3pm Thurs 1/30/2020. Marbles will be on display until the 3rd day when they will be passed out at random! Marble Exchange will take place Thursday – 1/30/2020 @ 6pm-7pm. If you pick the marble made by @keysglass you get the marble & win a FREE artist booth for Glass Vegas 2021!!

2019 Marble Photos  Check out @KeysGlasss