The Marble Exchange this year is sponsored by the marble god himself, Kobuki Glass! @kobukiglass graciously hand-crafted this one-of-a-kind marble exclusively for the Glass Vegas 2023 Marble Exchange! The rules are simple! If you bring a marble, you can take a marble! Marbles must be a minimum of $100 in value and a minimum of 1.5" in size. Cut off for entry is 3pm Sunday 1/15/2023. Marbles will be on display until the 3rd day when they will be passed out at random! The Marble Exchange will take place Sunday – 1/15/2023 @ 6pm-7pm. If you pick the winning marble made by @kobukiglass, you will get the marble & win a FREE artist booth with HOTEL ROOM (3 nights) for Glass Vegas 2024!! A huge shoutout to the talented @dmilldigital2 for the breathtaking photos of this stunning marble!

Check out @kobukiglass Kobuki Glass Marble Photography By @dmilldigital2 2022 Marble Photos