NEW FOR GV 2024! In addition to our Silent Auction, this year the Boro Derby will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Glass Vegas Injured Artist Fund! Learn more about the 2024 Boro Derby: Derby in the Desert to get involved with this awesome event on the GV show floor!

The silent auction at the Glass Vegas tradeshow is to benefit our Injured Artist fund.

100% of the proceeds of the auction will go directly to the fund, there are no fees. You can participate by donating pieces to the auction, or bidding.

The injured artist recipient can be an artist with a physical injury that keeps the artist from working, or an indirect injury that also would keep the artist from working, like theft, fire, etc.

An artist needs to be a part of or nominated by the Glass Vegas Family.

Past recipients have been the family of an artist that passed away, an artist that had their shop burn down, and one artist who had his wife pass away at childbirth.

The more you contribute or bid on, the more we can help the community!

Injured artist fund solely depends on the artists to donate work to be auctioned off on the Glass Vegas show floor. Please be a part of our mission and make a difference!

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