Upon approval, you will be required to pay a $150 fee for the Non-Exhibiting Spectator Artist Pass. PAYMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL YOUR REGISTRATION IS APPROVED. Trust us, attending this event will be well worth the cost. You will meet other talented glass artists and attendees, attend the Millie Meetup, and get to experience all the love of this epic event!

All qualified Glass Artists are welcome to attend the event to show support for your fellow Glass Artists and the entire glass industry. Join the Glass Family and help this industry continue to progress and mature into one of the most successful and meaningful industries in the world. We would love to invite everyone to become a part of the Glass Vegas family for our next Glass Vegas. Please be aware that non-exhibiting artists are not allowed guests or plus one’s. Glass Vegas is open to qualified Wholesale Buyers, Glass Artists, and Media only. More details coming soon...