We are excited to announce this brand new event, the GV Marble Games! This year’s Marble Game will be a scavenger hunt!

Saturday's Marble Game will be for our BUYERS ONLY, with the winning marble made by @paulietwofingers.
The winning buyer will also receive a free domestic flight (max $750 value USD) and a 3-night hotel stay for GV 2024.

Sunday's Marble Game will be for our EXHIBITING AND ATTENDING ARTISTS ONLY, with the winning marble made by @crowmancrothers.
The winning artist will also receive a free 6x6 booth with a hotel room for 3 nights for GV 2024.

5 clues will be hidden throughout the Glass Vegas expo halls each day (Sat/Sun), with the first clue being posted exclusively on our social media pages (all other clues to the marble's location will be physically located throughout the expo halls and will be clearly visible; no clues will be located within exhibitor's booths or outside)

The finder of the hidden marble (certificate) will bring it to WSOG to claim their prizes. Said finder will need to show that they are either a qualified buyer or exhibitor/artist (depending on the day) and a legal form of ID to be awarded the marble and other prizes, if they are found to not be an exhibitor/artist or buyer or have found the marble on an incorrect corresponding day the marble will be re-hidden for the next potential finder. *Please note that winners will be asked to take a photo with their winning marble which will be posted on our social media pages, if you are unwilling to agree to this, we ask that you please do not participate*

• No running on the show floor. We want our first marble game to be fun but also safe, remember that you are surrounded by glass that was painstakingly made by your peers!
• If you are found removing or tampering with any clue, you may be found ineligible in further participating in the marble game (and/or show)
• Do not post found clues or clue answers, let others have fun finding and solving the clues themselves
• When the marble has been found each day, an overhead announcement will be made by our MC and on our social media pages

Check out @paulietwofingers Check out @crowmancrothers