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Compete in the World Series of Glass at the 2019 Glass Vegas Expo. Sign up will be opening soon to submit your glass art in functional, millie, collab, shot glass, and maybe a new category or two. Your glass art will be on display in the World Series of Glass area on the show floor! Win awesome prizes from amazing sponsors in the industry by coming in the top 3 in each category. Show some love for the GV 2018 winners;@LaceFaceGlass, @HicDogg, @CoyleCondenser in the Solo Category, 18 Person Collab made at Ziggy's Classic, @PiperDanGlass & @MrGrayGlass, @SteveHGlass & @Hicdogg & @HendyGlass in the Collab Category, @AndyBuclesGlassworks, @Kaj_Beck, @DapoGlass & @Stephen_Boehme in the Millie Category, and @JunkieGlass, @DawgHouseGlass, @WeaponsOfGlassDestruction in the Shot Glass Category.

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